Monday, February 6, 2017

Collecting Judgments In Alberta

Alberta - Justice and Solicitor General

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Civil claims

Commencing a Claim in Provincial Court Civil Division and Getting and Collecting Your Judgment in Alberta (off-site PDF) has information to consider before you sue, if you are being sued, and the process that is involved. Part one involves the basic steps in the Provincial Court, Civil Division. Part two deals with collecting your judgment from the person you sued. This is general information only; you should contact your own lawyer for specific legal advice.
Visit the Alberta Courts website for additional information on civil matters at various court levels, including forms and publications.

Collecting your judgment 

If you have been successful in obtaining a judgment from Provincial Court, Civil or the Court of Queen's Bench, collecting on it can be a difficult process and you should consider seeing a lawyer. If you decide to act on your own behalf, this brochure (off-site PDF) outlines the procedures and forms required by the Court of Queen's Bench Clerk's office. It is for information only, and is not to be interpreted as the law.

Forms for download:

Writ of Enforcement - 1.26 MB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Civil claims video

The Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association with the assistance of the Provincial Court of Alberta and Alberta Justice, and the Alberta Law Foundation presents "A Successful Day in Court." Having to present or defend your own civil claim can be an intimidating experience. This video was designed to help you represent yourself in court. Approximately 20 minutes long, the video uses common types of courtroom disputes to explain the kinds of evidence you may need for your case and how to organize and present that evidence to the Judge.

The civil claims video is located on the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association web site.

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