Sunday, February 12, 2017

Interesting Read & Author

On my birthday yesterday I was delighted to meet Linda Penner, author of
Image result for linda penner hitman is cheaper than a divorce

Its a good and interesting read.

Check out Linda'sblog.  Linda was gracious and sweet enough to give me a signedcopy of her book.  Thanks agin Linda!

I share a lot of Linda's thoughts regading the expense and costs involved and incurred during a Divorce. That's why I try and offer a fresh and affordable approach to Divorce Law


Mediation, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR), involves assisting two or more opposing parties to reach an agreement. Virtue Legal’s role as the neutral third party is to encourage productive communication and two-way discourse between competing parties and ensure the discussion is focused, on-point and directed towards achieving a mutually agreeable settlement. The legal matters brought before us as mediators often involve business, persona, family and other disputes.
Mediation offers many advantages over litigation: it saves money, time and puts you in control of the process. Whereas litigation results in a binding judgement over your dispute, in mediation the parties decide for themselves whether or not they agree to the settlement. The result is a "win-win" outcome for all parties involved.

Virtue Legal offers a wide range of Collaborative & Family Law services including the following

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